Who Are we?

Our Mission

Atlas aims to design and craft tractors that farmers and workers deserve. We ensure that our machines and services are worthy of the hard work and dedication you put forth every day in the field. 

Atlas makes it our mission to go down to the field ourselves so that we may truly know what it’s like for farmers and workers out there. 

That is why our machines are not only built FOR you, but also built BY you to give you the comfort and equipment you deserve. 


To make our tractors truly tailored to your needs, we established an on-site team made of farmers and workers with more than 20 years of experience on the field

With this level of expertise and consumer understanding in-hand, Atlas is able to design tractors that squashes every issue faced on the field.


We believe everyone deserves to drive the best when it comes to tractors, and have therefore designed specialized, ergonomic machines that addresses special needs such as: